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Comlite has been a leader in medical practice intra-office communications and paging since 1984. We started out as a manufacturer of wireless light-signal communication stations and in 2011 transitioned to become a software developer. Our LAN4000 light-signaling and paging software is a comprehensive time management tool for dental, optometry and a wide variety of medical specialties. It is compatible with tablets, all-in-one's or traditional workstations running windows™. The LAN4000 software complements existing practice management and electronic health record (EHR) software. With a combination of light-signaling, targeted text communications and timing functions for analytics Comlite has helped increase productivity and revenues for over 10,000 healthcare practices world-wide.

Our risk-free 30 day trial will let you experience first-hand how Comlite can decrease patient waiting times, increase capacity for doctor exam times and make your office environment more efficient, less stressful (Stop yelling down the halls), and more profitable. Call us for more information at 1-800-426-5271 or to start a 30 day risk-free in-office evaluation.

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