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Receive discreet notifications for hygiene exams and page assistants and staff to rooms!



Use room sequencing to monitor the location of doctors and guide them to their next patient. Simple paging of Medical Assistants to rooms!



Discreetly Page Techs and Opticians to rooms. Use room sequencing to know how many patients are waiting and which room to go to next!


Providing Intra-Office Light Signaling Communication Systems Since 1984

Comlite has been a leader in medical practice intra-office communications and paging since 1984. We started out as a manufacturer of wireless light-signal communication stations and in 2011 transitioned to become a software developer. Our Comlite light-signaling and paging software is a comprehensive time management tool for dental and optometry practices and many other medical specialties. It is compatible with tablets, all-in-one’s or traditional workstations running Windows™. The Comlite software complements existing practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) software. Using a combination of light-signaling, targeted text communications and audible chimes, Comlite has helped increase productivity and revenues for over 10,000 healthcare practices throughout North America.

Tom Northrop


What Others Are Saying About Us

Don LernerOD

"I am now completely dependent on my Comlite system when seeing patients in the office. I'm constantly referring to the system to determine which patient is next in cue and to direct my staff as to what service that patient might need while in the office. The system has increased our efficiency in a manner that overall provides better service to the patient and has reduced "wasteful waiting."

Ross MontgomeryOD

"Comlite is key to our practice running efficiently. It allows us to track where patients are, the time spent with them and what room needs to be seen next. I highly recommend Comlite for anyone who is in need of a better flow for their practice."

Timothy W. ShannonOD

"I've been using the new Comlite software for a year now and I absolutely love it. I had their old hardware paging system for years and when they came out with their computer version I had to have it. It saves so much time and makes the office run efficiently. I can't imagine practicing without it!"

James HermanOD

“Efficiency is one key to a successful, profitable practice. Comlite helps us to process more patients, more quickly, with less stress - and that's money in the bank!”

Claire WilsonDDS

"The Comlite software is user friendly, easy to customize, and we love the text messaging. You all have been and are great to work with for support and are always prompt. Thank you so much for devising a system with the Dentist and Staff in mind."

Russell MartinOrthodontist

"My staff continues to come up with ideas and ways for using Comlite to make our office even more efficient and productive. The system is extremely user friendly. I initially set up our original light design however, by implementing the changes and modifications suggested by my staff, it went from a pretty awesome system to an absolutely incredible invaluable, addition to our practice!"